FabLab Experience

FabLab Brno is digital workshop with CNC mill, laser cutter, 3D printers, embroidery machine and much more - open 24/7 for everyone 15+.

What we are:

Part of a global network of 1500+ FabLabs - sharing know-how, experience, and mission

19+ machines
182 m2 space
250+ active users
2000+ visitors
30+ events we were part of

FabLab Brno was founded in 2017
by JIC - South Moravian Innovation Centre

We are a proud part of the innovation ecosystem #Brnoregion

FabLab Experience
full-size trailer full of digital fabrication tools, educating 10 000+ youngsters a year.

Story of our members

FabLab Experience

FabLab Experience is a full size trailer with foldable side. Its uniqueness is in combination of digital fabrication machines and educational purposes. All year on the road, visiting  elementary and high schools in the South Moravian Region. But it can also be used for company events, festivals, fairs and various types of other public events.

  • 44 square meters of space for machines and students + backstage for crew

  • It can work anywhere. Although it is preferable, it doesn't need electrical energy, there is 20 kW diesel generator.

  • 8 kW air-condition keeps the temperature pleasant in almost all outside weather conditions.

  • It is designed to work in both modes - as a showroom for hundreds of visitors a day or as a workshop place doors for 15 participants at a time.

So whats inside?

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Tomáš Mejzlík

+420 725 960 702